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Our success is based to a large extent on the efforts of our high-calibre staff and their unwavering dedication. Indeed, professional development and personal advancement form an integral part of our day-to-day activities.

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Maintenance Manager

We are looking for a team-building manager who is able to assess and motivate the maintenance team, effectively support and repair the equipment to avoid downtime and breakdowns, implement and maintain a PM system, and assist in installing capital equipment. You will be the “right hand” to the plant manager and VP of Operations and help them to continuously improve the plant.
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Customer Service/Inside Sales Representative

To focus on creating and maintaining superior customer service, both externally and internally by processing orders for SIMONA products received from customers via scan, telephone, fax, E-mail or from company employee by performing the following duties.
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Extruder Operator

Operates Extruder to form thermoplastic Polypropylene, PVC, Polyethylene & Co-Polymer sheets by performing the following duties.
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Product Manager

This position will be the guardian of our semiconductor and chemical processing industry segments. The ideal candidate will have a good grasp and background of product portfolio maintenance and development, stocking and delivery programs, lifecycle development of products, and product market support.
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