SIMONAreport 02/2015 02/2015  
  • SIMONA® PE 100 and SIMONA® PE-HD: Two product groups – many advantages. The choice is yours.
  • Extended product range: SIMONA® PE-EL Sheets in a new size
  • NEW: SIMONA® Hollow Rods made of PP AlphaPlus®
  • NEW: SIMONA® 3D-Printing Filaments made of PETG
  • SIMONA® Wastewater Piping Systems – Safe and efficient solutions in Plastics
SIMONAreport 01/2015 01/2015  
  • SIMONA® PE 100 FM-Line – Pipes and fittings for firefighting water supply
  • SIMOWOOD – Extended range and new certification
  • SIMOGREEN PLA Filament – For maximum precision in 3D printing
  • Case study: SIMOGREEN PLA-HT – Sustainable solution for manufacturing milled housings for electronic Labels
SIMONAreport 02/2014 02/2014  
  • Seamless. Flawless. Enormous. – Seamless pipe bends in new sizes
  • Lining of a cathodic electrocoating system with SIMONA® PP AlphaPlus® for Adam Opel AG
  • Expertise in plastics: Nucleation 
  • New Technology Centre provides greater scope for innovation
2014-Sonderausgabe-IFAT.jpg Special Edition
IFAT 2014
  • SIMONA® Piping Systems for Water Treatment
  • SIMONA® Multilayer Pipes with Functional Layers
  • SIMOFUSE® Pressure Piping System in Difficult-to-Access Stream Section
  • PE 100 Special Flange Connection with Slotted Holes
  • The First Manufacturer Worldwide with FM Approval for PE 100 Pipes and Fittings up to d 630 mm
  • SIMONA® Piping Systems for Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal
  • SIMONA® Double-Containment Pipes in Water Protection Zones
  • SIMODUAL² – Double-Containment Piping System for Industrial Applications
  • SIMONA® Piping Systems for Trenchless Rehabilitation
2014-01-SIMONAreport.jpg 01/2014  
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • SIMOGREEN - Bio-based plastics by SIMONA
  • New SIMONA® PE 100 Special Flange Connections
  • High-purity systems for semiconductor production
2013-special-Edition-K2013.jpg Special Edition
K 2013
  • Technology Centre to be built in Kirn (Germany)
  • SIMONA® Piping Systems for water supply and wastewater disposal
  • Semi-finished parts made of bio-based plastics
  • SIMOWOOD – extruded sheets made of Resysta®
  • SIMONA® Multilayer Pipes with functional layers
  • SIMONA® Twin-Wall Sheets of the third generation
  • SIMONA® Hollow Rods
  • SIMONA® Liner Piping Systems
  • SIMONA® SIMOLIFE sheets for orthotics and prosthetics
  • SIMODUAL 2 – Double-containment piping system for industrial applications
  • New training programme SIMONA Sales Academy
SIMONA Report 01-2013 01/2013  
  • SIMONA Biofilter for Landfill Degassing
  • SIMONA® SIMOLIFE - Thermoplastic Sheets for Orthopaedics Technology
  • Launch of SIMONA Sales Academy
  • SIMONA® SPC RC- und RC-Line Pressure Pipes - Pressure Pipes for Natural Gas Pipelines in HDD Method
  • Results of the Reader Survey
SIMONA Report 02-2012 02/2012  
  • SIMONA® Liner Materials
  • SIMONA® E-CTFE-AK for road tankers
  • Outdoor whirlpool made of SIMONA® PP-C-UV Twin-Wall Sheets
  • Reader survey – Make even better
  • Plastics Expertise: Partially fluorinated vs. fully fluorinated plastics E-CTFE vs. E-TFE
SIMONA Report 01-2012 01/2012  
  • SIMOFUSE® approved for pressurised applications relating to wastewater pressure pipes and industrial systems
  • SIMONA introduces Energy Management System
  • SIMONA® SIMCHEM ONLINE to be launched at the ACHEMA
  • SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® pipes for uranium removal and partial desalination
  • Plastics Expertise: Fit-for-purpose testing of welded joints
SIMONA Report 03-2011 03/2011  
  • SIMONA® Protective Sheets Perfect protection for gas pipelines
  • Technical consultancy for tank design,composite construction and processing
  • Plastic Sheets for Neutron Absorption
  • Collection tank for acid solutions made with SIMONA® PP-DWU AlphaPlus®
  • Plastics Expertise: Latest news from the DVS on tank calculations
SIMONA Report 02-2011 02/2011  
  • SIMONA® PE 100 CoEx pipes - New generation of pipes with superior abrasion resistance
  • Semi-finished products and pipes from Litvinov
  • Endless possibilities for your drainage projects
  • Railway line drainage with SIMONA® drainage pipes
  • Plastics Expertise: Abrasion resistance
SIMONA Report 01-2011 01/2011  
  • Welding rods tailored to your applications
  • SIMONA® Eco-Ice® Product line for ice rinks extended
  • Welding “unites” – training and information
  • Plastics Expertise: Dynamic friction
SIMONA Report 03-2010 03/2010  
  • SIMONA® SIMOSHIELD - Plastic Sheets for Door Fabrication
  • SIMONA® PE FOAM/SIMONA® PP FOAM - Foamed Sheets with maximum Material Efficiency
  • Sports fields in Katowice/Poland made of SIMONA® PE FOAM
  • Plastics Expertise: Hot-stamping process, Thermoforming, Infrared and ultraviolet radiation
SIMONA Report 02-2010 02/2010  
  • SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® Geotherm - New developments for “deep geothermics”
  • SIMONA® PE 100 pipes for seawater desalination in the UK
  • Plastics Expertise: RC materials conforming to PAS 1075
SIMONA Report 01-2010 01/2010  
  • dehoplast® superlining - Smooth handling of bulk materials
  • Improved safety in the food industry with dehoplast® x-detect
  • SIMONA® Eco-Ice - Energy-efficient ice rinks made of plastic
  • Plastics Expertise: The sand-slurry test
SIMONA Report 03-2009 03/2009  
  • SIMONA® PE Multilayer Sheets - Semi-Finished Plastics with a barrier layer for manufacture of fuel tanks
  • SIMONA brings together key activity strands: Mobility, Life Sciences and Environmental Technology
  • Tough conditions for SIMONA® Pipes at the Simplon Pass
  • Plastics Expertise: Permeation of plastics
SIMONA Report 02-2009 02/2009  
  • SIMONA® PE Sheets for tank and apparatus building
  • Pickling line made of SIMONA® PP-DWU AlphaPlus® delivered to Rasselstein GmbH
  • SIMONA® large-diameter pipes in special dimensions for XXL project
  • Plastics Expertise: DIBt approval for SIMONA® PP-DWU AlphaPlus®
SIMONA Report 01-2009 01/2009  
  • Top quality tailored to your needs
  • SIMONA® PE-EL pipes at Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Plastics Expertise: CNC Milling
SIMONA Report 03-2008 03/2008  
  • SIMONA® Twin-Wall Sheet - Second generation with enhanced properties
  • Sheets made of post-chlorinated PVC (PVC-C) – extruded and pressed
  • SIMONA sponsors floating pontoons for first land-based trip around the globe
  • Plastics Expertise: PVC-C (post-chlorinated polyvinylchloride) and PVC-U
SIMONA Report 02-2008 02/2008  
  • SIMONA® SIMOFUSE® - Innovative Electrofusion Welding
  • SIMONA® SIMOPOR-ULTRALIGHT Lightweight PVC foam sheets
  • Plastics Expertise: Foaming Thermoplastics
SIMONA Report 01-2008 01/2008  
  • SIMONA® EL Materials Products for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres
  • SIMONA® E-CTFE-GK in Composite System for Chimney Lining
SIMONA Report 01-2007 01/2007  
  • SIMONA® SIMODRAIN® - The first drainage system with EBA approval
  • SIMONA® PP-DWU AlphaPlus - New prospects for use in tank and equipment engineering
  • Plastics Expertise: Nucleation


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